March 19th, 2020

Book 20 - 2018

Book 20: Twitterature: The World’s Greatest Books Retold Through Twitter by Alexander Aciman & Emmett Rensin - 145 pages

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Everything from Beowulf to Bronte rewritten/ruined in twenty Tweets or less in Twitterature, the hilarious expression of every book-lovers' fear of the digital age, by Alexander Acima and Emmett Rensin.
Perhaps you once asked yourself, 'What exactly is Hamlet trying to tell me? Why must he mince his words, muse in lyricism and, in short, whack about the shrub?'
No doubt such troubling questions would have been swiftly resolved were the Prince of Denmark a registered user on This, in essence, is Twitterature.
Here you will find over sixty of the greatest works of western literature - from Beowulf to Bronte, from Kafka to Kerouac, and from Dostoevsky to Dickens - each distilled through the voice of Twitter to its purest, pithiest essence.

This 140 character adaptation of a handful of famous literary pieces suffers from its premise, as other than those books I'd already read, I didn't understand what was going on. A few intrigued me enough that I went and googled them to find out the plot, but all in all, this book very much felt like the joke it intended to be.

20 / 50 books. 40% done!

6063 / 15000 pages. 40% done!

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