July 18th, 2020

Book 8 - 2019

Book 8: Saga: Volume 5 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples - 152 pages

Description from bookdepository.co.uk:
Multiple storylines collide in this cosmos-spanning new volume. While Gwendolyn and Lying Cat risk everything to find a cure for The Will, Marko makes an uneasy alliance with Prince Robot IV to find their missing children, who are trapped on a strange world with terrifying new enemies.

The 5th volume of Saga sees our star crossed lovers separated. Alana, Klara and Hazel are being held hostage by the robot janitor who has murdered Prince IV's wife and stolen his son. Meanwhile, Prince IV and Marko have forged an uneasy alliance in a bid to rescue their children. A ton of random alliances have sprung up in this volume, but the highlight is still Hazel - she's positively adorable (especially in the coat Barr made for her). Marko's struggles with violence and Alana's reluctance to fight for fear of jeopardising Hazel's life add further context to the pacifist tone of the overall story. The really great thing about this series though is how nobody is truly pigeonholed as a 'good' guy or a 'bad' guy. It's far more complex than that, and Vaughan portrays that aspect so well. There is a reasonable justification for everyone's decisions, and that reflects life in general so much more than the generic good guy/bad guy story. Much love!

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