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Book 6 - 2016

Book 6 - 2016

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Briana and Aunty Tara
Book 6: Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich – 300 pages

Description from bookdepository.co.uk:
Stephanie Plum, the brassy babe in the powder blue Buick, is back, and she's having a bad hair day - for the whole month of January. She's been given the unpopular task of finding Mo Bedemier Trenton's most beloved citizen, arrested for carrying concealed, gone no-show for his court appearance. And to make matters worse, she's got Lula, a former hooker turned file clerk - now a wannabe bounty hunter - at her side, sticking like glue. Lula's big and blonde and black, and itching to get the chance to lock up a crook in the trunk of her car. Morelli, the New Jersey vice cop with the slow-burning smile that undermines a girl's stronger resolve is being polite. So what does this mean? Has he found a new love? Or is he manipulating Steph, using her in his police investigation, counting on her unmanageable curiosity and competitive Jersey attitude? Once again, the entire One for the Money crew is in action, including Ranger and Grandma Mazur, searching for Mo, tripping down a trail littered with dead drug dealers, leading Stephanie to suspect Mo has traded his ice-cream scoop for a vigilante gun. Cursed with a disastrous new hair color and an increasing sense that it's really time to get a new job, Stephanie spirals and tumbles through Three to Get Deadly with all the wisecracks and pace her fans have come to expect.

Three books in and these stories are starting to establish a pattern. Stephanie fumbles her way through the mystery of the week, Ranger is sexy, Morelli is sexy, Grandma Mazur is crazy, and Lula actually seems to be remotely competent at the whole bounty hunter thing even if she is a bit trigger happy. This one features a relative (they seem to pop up every couple of books) and a link to a case Joe is working on (also seems to pop up regularly). Stephanie makes a fool of herself, seems to learn little from previous escapades, and somehow earns the admiration of all but her parents (who are probably the only people in Trenton with their heads screwed on right). I like these stories, and they are fairly quick reads, but I sometimes wonder if there is going to be anything resembling solid character progression. Will Stephanie end up with Joe, or will she pursue Ranger? Will she actually pick one or dance between them both? Will anyone ever realize Lula is a better bounty hunter? Will someone find Stephanie a real job? Given there are like 23 of these books thus far, I gather not, and I’ll keep reading in the same way I keep reading the Temperance Brennan books – they are quick reads with readable plots even if they are ultimately formulaic.

6 / 50 books. 12% done!

1441 / 15000 pages. 10% done!

Currently reading:
-        Wrath of Aphrodite by Bess T. Chappas – 207 pages
-        My Life by Bill Clinton – 957 pages
-        The Presidents of the United States of America by Frank Freidel – 88 pages

And coming up:
-        The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: Volume 3: White Gold Wielder by Stephen Donaldson – 500 pages
-        The Odyssey by Homer – 324 pages
-        Four to Score by Janet Evanovich – 311 pages
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