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Book 32 - 2019

Book 32: The Mammoth Book of SF Wars edited by Ian Watson and Ian Whates - 497 pages

Description from bookdepository.co.uk:
War is becoming increasingly 'SF-ized' with remotely controlled attack drones and robot warriors already in development and being tested. Over the past 100 years the technology of war has advanced enormously in destructive power, yet also in sophistication so that we no longer seem to live under the constant threat of all-out global thermonuclear cataclysm. So what will future wars be like? And what will start them: religion, politics, resources, refugees, or advanced weaponry itself?

Watson and Whates present a gripping anthology of SF stories which explores the gamut of possible future conflicts, including such themes as nuclear war, psychological and cyberwars, enhanced soldiery, mercenaries, terrorism, intelligent robotic war machines, and war with aliens.

All the stories in this collection of remarkable quality and diversity reveals humankind pressed to the limits in every conceivable way.

I bought this book and another anthology of Science Fiction romance stories at the University book shop a few years ago. I intended to read this while on holiday recently, but never got to it, so I’ve been reading it on and off for the last six or so weeks. It was a slog. Most of these stories really did little for me - they were either two militaristic, totally confusing, or just genuinely bad stories. I probably won’t seek out more anthologies such as this. My reviews of the 24 stories are as follows:
1. Okay
2. Okay
3. Weird
4. Good
5. Pretty Good
6. Lost me at the end; I couldn’t work out what was going on
7. One of the best in the anthology
8. A very clever satire - another of the best
9. Quite clever
10. Pretty good
11. Quite clever
12. Really fascinating but I wouldn’t have considered it SF
13. Confused me. One minute she’s kissing the guy in the spirit world, the next minute the Captain. I feel like I missed something.
14. Had a lot of detail that confused me. The story, whilst okay, didn't really do a lot for me because I was missing so much context.
15. Deeply depressing
16. Really confusing at the start, and I’m not sure the ending made a lot of sense to me
17. Confused me to start but ended up being really good. The ending was really sad.
18. Is basically about a man in love with a cat…I so want to love steampunk but it really doesn’t work in short story format.
19. Really didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I couldn’t follow what was going on, was confused by which character was which, and found the ending trite.
20. Creepy!
21. Started out okay but didn’t make a lot of sense to me in the end.
22. Written by the guy who wrote The Forever War (which I’ve read). I can see the similarities!
23. Is basically a zombie story in space. Not a bad read.
24. Strong SF romance tones to it, but though it started off a bit meh, it ended well!

32 / 50 books. 64% done!

9059 / 15000 pages. 60% done!

Currently reading:
Journey to the West
by Cheng-En Wu - 673 pages
by Neil Gaiman - 370 pages
The Farm
by Joanne Ramos - 324 pages

And coming up:
The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: Volume 3: White Gold Wielder
by Stephen Donaldson – 500 pages
The Odyssey
by Homer – 324 pages
The Umbrella Academy: Volume 2 - Dallas
by Gerard Way & Gabriel Ba - 192 pages

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