Ratty (blinger) wrote,

Book 13 - 2009

Book 13: Divine By Mistake by P.C. Cast - 537 pages

My little synopsis: Shannon Parker, Oklahoma school teacher, finds her life turned upside down when a car accident caused by a bad storm lands her in the alternate reality of Partholon where she is believed to be Rhiannon, the Beloved of the Goddess Epona. Sure, its nice to be waited on hand and foot and all, but being mistaken for her nasty, selfish Partholon counterpart, and being forced into an arranged marriage with a centaur is not exactly her idea of a good time. Nor is the fact that, just as she's starting to get her head around everything, she discovers that Partholon is under attack from the vampiric Fomorians. Oh, joy!

I have had this book on my shelves for about two years, discovered at the book shop after I went on the hunt for another of P.C. Cast's books, Goddess of Spring, (also still sitting on my book shelf - I read about it the local newspaper, and just had to buy it!). I finally decided to read it, and man, I'm glad I did. The great thing about this story is that its just so easy to read - there's no insane vocabulary, no over stretching concepts - just pure unadulterated fun (sprinkled with a little bit of scary bad guy stuff to mix it up - oh and hot centaurs!!). Cast's story never tries to be more than it is - a fun little romantic romp. Shannon/Rhiannon/Rhea (as she later comes to be known) is a fun main character, and though she seems to adapt awfully well to her new life (my one grievance - why do people in these stories never, ever freak out?? What's up with that? If I suddenly woke up in an alternative reality, I think I'd freak - Stephen Donaldson's Thomas Covenant series seems to be the only story that actually does this well),  the random occasions where she says the wrong word - and then has to explain herself - or is completely lost as to what to do in a situation are downright hilarious. ClanFintan, the centaur she is forced to marry, is an awesome male lead, even if he's a little overly romantic (aren't men always that way in romance novel? What's up with that?). And I got an enormous kick out of Shannon's constant Star Trek jokes/analogies etc. Finally, an author acknowledges how Star Trek things are relevant forms of description for almost anything! Basically, the one word to describe this book is fun - I couldn't put it down and have put all other books on hold to read the sequel Divine By Choice. Don't read it if you are expecting some thought-provoking, challenging novel about the nature of humanity. Do read it if you want to enjoy a few hours of your life!


13 / 50 books. 26% done!


5803 / 15000 words. 39% done!

Currently reading:
- From Modernism to Postmodernim: An Anthology
edited by Lawrence Cahoone - 600 pages
- My Steve
by Terri Irwin - 268 pages
- The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: Volume 2: The One Tree
by Stephen Donaldson - 472 pages
- Divine By Choice
by P.C. Cast - 358 pages

And coming up:
- Angels and Demons
by Dan Brown - 620 pages
- The Constant Princess
by Philippa Gregory - 486 pages
- Fatal Voyage
by Kathy Reichs - 432 pages

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